There is no doubt that the pizza at De Lorenzo is delicious. It has won dozens of awards and is so popular that the place has a devoted following. For example, in 2019, Barstool Sports’ Dave Portnoy tried the pizza and gave it a 9.2 rating. While many people may be surprised by this rating, it still represents a high standard for pizza restaurants. Here is what he had to say about the pizza:

Vincent and Anton De Lorenzo De LorenzoTwo renowned Italian opera singers, Vincent and Anton De Lorenzo retired early in their lives but never stopped pursuing their passion for music. Both had an ardent desire to explore other cultures and had visited Italy, France, Germany, England, Hong Kong, and Hawaii. They began wondering about ways to reach a wider audience and revive their vision after retiring. The year was 1964. Their family travelled to France and Italy and visited Pope John Paul II and the Sistine Chapel. They also visited Capri, Naples, Florence, and Pompei.

Leonardo De Lorenzo

The Italian virtuoso flautist and music educator Leonardo De Lorenzo was a renowned figure in the field of music. His talents were recognized worldwide, and he was regarded as one of his time’s most talented and influential players. However, he was much more than an excellent musician. His enduring influence can be felt today. Read on for more information on this brilliant musician.

Vincent and Anton De Lorenzo’s life

The De Lorenzo family influenced countless lives. As the owners of a hairdressing salon in Sydney, Vincent and Anton were deeply religious and devoted to their families. Unfortunately, de Lorenzos’ philanthropic approach was not shared by the hairdressing industry and the general public, so the product was a failure. However, despite the success of their product, the De Lorenzos’ efforts to preserve their heritage will be remembered by all who know them.

Leonardo De Lorenzo’s career in music

Learn about the virtuoso flautist and educator Leonardo De Lorenzo’s life and career. A flautist by trade, he also taught music in a school and was an avid music critic and educator. What does this all mean? Find out what made him a great musician and music educator. What was his favourite genre of music? Here are some of the reasons why.

Vincent and Anton De Lorenzo’s hairdressing salon

The story of Vincent and Anton De Lorenzo’s famous hairdressing salon began in the early 1930s when the duo first started in a small shop in Redfern, New South Wales. Their salon quickly gained an enviable reputation in the industry, with many high-profile clients seeking their services. Today, this salon is still one of the most popular in Sydney and has become a must-see destination for anyone visiting the city.

Leonardo De Lorenzo’s innovations

One of Leonardo’s innovations was the design of a giant crossbow, the ballista. It was 86 feet long and featured a worm and gear mechanism—the weapon fired by a hammer blow or lever action. Leonardo also designed a repeating machine gun that a man-powered treadmill would operate. By treading on the outside of the wheel, the operator would have greater leverage when operating the gun.

100% Australian-owned and operated

Australian-made and vegan-certified De Lorenzo hair care products are an eco-friendly, cruelty-free alternative to traditional hair styling products. This brand is Australian owned and operated, designed and manufactured in Sydney. With innovative hair care products for every hair type, De Lorenzo is making a name for itself in the hair care market. Unlike many other brands, these hair care products are available in various sizes, colours, and scents.

Hair Products From De Lorenzo

For nearly 65 years, Leonardo De Lorenzo’s pizza has been a fixture at the Robbinsville and Yardley locations of the family business. The recipe is the same at all locations, and the Amico family is proud to keep it that way. Their recipe starts with California whole tomatoes, which are hand-crushed and blended with the other ingredients. They also bake a thin, crispy crust, a tradition that has remained largely unchanged over the years. The mozzarella is topped off before the sauce and then the tomato sauce.

For fine hair, the Accentu8 range adds body and volume to your hair with added humidity barriers. Other ingredients in this range include Baobab protein, seaweed, and ginseng. They also have purple shampoo and leave-in treatments. De Lorenzo is committed to being environmentally friendly. Hairhouse is a stockist of its products. It is available online and at selected retailers. To purchase the De Lorenzo range, visit