For more information on the benefits of using silage wrap, contact Unipak Plastics, a renowned manufacturer of various ag-related products. These include cotton and net wraps, pallet covers, black mulch film, and silage replacement film. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us. We will gladly answer all your questions. We can also provide you with advice on the right application and properly use the wraps.

SilageWrap net wrapRemember to wash the bales thoroughly after wrapping if you are using silage wrap Adelaide for your haymaking operation. This is because hay is very loose and may easily rip or tear the plastic film. Keeping the silage tamped down will help reduce leaks. It will also reduce the risk of vermin living underneath the bales. Using a SilageWrap net wrap will also keep the stems contained and make it easier to remove plastic film after wrapping.

Because silage is wrapped mechanically with balers, the bales should be stored on washed gravel. This will help prevent hay from settling to the bottom and prevent vermin from living under the wrap. Furthermore, a silage wrap will keep the bales from absorbing moisture from the surrounding air. Whether it is used on silage or hay, it will be easier to handle and maintain.

The SilageWrap net wrap uses multiple layers. The outer layer is a UV stabilizer, while the inner layer is thicker and can withstand punctures. Each wrap has a millimetre number on it, which tells you how thick it is. A thicker wrap is more likely to be more effective, but a thinner one won’t make much difference. You should use a net wrap for best results within 24 hours after baling. It will help prevent fermentation.

A silage farmer should always use net wrap to have a consistent and stable production curve. The net wrap will protect the feeds and avoid any potential leaks. In addition, it will ensure a smooth surface for the plastic wrap. In this way, the SilageWrap net wrap can be used in any baler, regardless of its size. So, if you’re a livestock farmer, silage wrapping is a necessity for you!

In addition to preventing leaks, silage wraps should be stored on gravel. Its gravel surface will minimize the risk of vermin living under the bales. In addition, the net wrap will help contain stems and reduce the risk of bacterial fermentation by reducing the chances of poking holes in the plastic wrap. This is the reason why it’s essential to use silage wrap. This net will prevent the fermenting of your silage.