Most reverse-cycle air conditioning units do not carry parts for units that are older than seven years old, so you need to find a generic replacement part that fits the system. If your system is more than 10 years old, the chances of finding appropriate parts are significantly reduced, and will likely cost you money due to energy inefficiency.


No Warning Signs 

There are usually no advanced warning signs when an air conditioner stops working, so you make the decision to repair or replace more difficult. Newer, better quality air conditioning units are more likely to have a diagnostic system with a fault code displayed on the controller when the unit is not working correctly.


Cleaning and Regular Maintenance Could Have Saved the Day

Maintaining air conditioning ensures that it remains energy efficient, cheaper to run and lasts as long as possible. Units that are not cleaned regularly will not work as hard as they will be: we recommend cleaning the filters in reverse cycle conditioners every three months (most often in high-use situations). Evaporative air conditioners must be repaired annually.


Replace with a Unit That Has Higher Efficiency Rating

Efficient reverse cycle air conditioning will save you money over time, as it won’t require as much electricity to cool or heat your home or business. When replacing a reverse-cycle air conditioner, look at your energy efficiency rating. The higher the rating, the better it will be, and the less it will cost you over time compared to other models. That’s a considerable amount of savings you can leave in the bank or spend on other things!


Opting to Repair? Hire an Expert!

If you decide to repair or replace the reverse cycle air conditioner, hire a reverse cycle air conditioner technician to do it correctly. The expert will also be able to assess and tell you what state your unit is in and the likelihood that you will need more repairs shortly. It’s worth discussing with the reverse-cycle air conditioning professional so you can determine if it will cost you less to replace your unit.


Since there are numerous varied circumstances and factors to consider, there is no simple answer to the repair or replacement question. Fortunately, using the above considerations will help you steer in the right direction so you can save money while staying cool in the summer!


We understand that it is a difficult decision to make, so we offer air conditioning repair and services in addition to the supply and installation of new air conditioners.