Podiatry in Adelaide is a flourishing profession, and there is an abundance of podiatry centres in the city. Professional foot surgeons and orthopaedic surgeons run these podiatry clinics. They provide all types of services from podiatry consultation to cosmetic podiatry, gait correction, plantar fasciitis splints and much more. Many times these podiatry Adelaide clinics will also offer weekend medical care as well. With the advent of technology, many of these podiatry centres are now equipped with state of the art technology and diagnostic equipment. It enables them to diagnose a problem much more accurately and hence, make correct treatment recommendations.

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Various factors need to be considered before opting for podiatry in Adelaide. These include the kind of services you want, the location of the podiatry centre and its proximity to your home or office. The other important factor is cost. Remember, every cent counts when it comes to running a business and hence, you must get a fair idea of the costs involved before coming on board. For example, look at the annual overhead costs and compare them with the costs you would incur if you had gone for traditional treatment. You may also want to opt for a podiatry clinic that offers complementary services, such as a first-aid package or a health club package.


It is essential to opt for a podiatry centre that has been around for quite some time. It ensures that the staff are highly qualified and are experienced in their field. Remember, no matter how qualified the podiatry Adelaide doctor is, if the Medical Council of South Australia does not accredit him, he may not practice legally. Also, find out if the clinic offers any aftercare programs. Many a time, a patient may require additional treatment and a rehabilitation program after his surgery. Such a program is beneficial if the patient needs a little time to recuperate from his surgery.


If you have a relative or friend who has undergone foot surgery, immediately suggest they go to a podiatry clinic. If the person has gone in for a very general procedure and has some lingering feelings of pain, it may be necessary for him to be taken in for a surgical consultation. If you know of a person who has undergone a successful surgical procedure, you can approach a podiatry centre and offer him to take up his practice there. Unfortunately, certain medical conditions do not allow patients to resume normal tasks right away. Still, plenty of doctors will help you until you feel confident enough to return to your everyday lifestyle.


If you are new to the idea of taking up a career in podiatry, do contact a few podiatry centres and get a free quote. It is also advisable to contact some family and friends and request a consultation. They will surely be glad to help you. The cost of the treatment varies from centre to centre, and you can also bargain over price as there are numerous private practitioners and public hospitals that perform podiatry Adelaide treatments. You can also avail of the services of some well-known podiatry centres online. Some websites also allow you to create an online account, making it much easier for you to book appointments, post feedback, and keep track of your treatment details.