When purchasing a whitewater cataraft, there are a few important things to consider. Depending on the type of river you plan on exploring, you may want to choose one with additional stability features or one with a higher price tag. The following tips will help you choose a raft that fits your needs. These tips are particularly important for novice kayakers and can be especially useful for those who are not yet confident with the ocean.


A good whitewater cataraft should be stable, even on rougher waters, whether a narrow or wide boat, a cataraft’s size and stability depend on many factors. Generally, a cataraft has a small diameter, which allows it to maneuver more easily. But there are also rafts with more stability than others. For a more challenging whitewater experience, a wide-bodied raft may be your best option.

Outdoor_Play whitewater cataraftsCatarafts are easier to maneuver, even in difficult rapids. While they’re more stable than rafts, they carry less weight and have fewer passengers. While rafts have larger interior space, they tend to be heavier and more prone to wind resistance. Despite the benefits of being less maneuverable than cats, rafts are generally easier to overload – catarafts have lots of places to grab on to.

The paddles are the engine of the Outdoor_Play whitewater catarafts. Their handlers are called guides, and the guide sits at the rear. The rest of the passengers are the crew. They hold onto the paddles while the driver steers. This way, the raft can be maneuvered quickly. A paddle raft is also easier to control than a kayak. However, while a kayak is easier to handle than a cataraft, a kayak will need to be steered by a professional guide.

In addition to the paddles, the cataraft also has foot cups. Foot cups provide extra stability to the raft while the paddler propels it forward with his paddle. With these features, guests will be in a stable boat, making it less likely that they’ll fall out. The foot cups are usually located in front of the raft. While they’re not necessary for paddlers, they offer greater stability for guests.


The prices of whitewater catarafts are not that high. The top-of-the-line rafts are not much more expensive than the cheaper models, but the price of lower-end ones has not increased in many years. The price of a cataraft depends on its material and whether you want a self-bailing or a double inflatable cataraft. There are also several different types of materials that make up a cataraft.

A self-bailing whitewater raft is one of the most popular. These are easy to maneuver and carry much less weight than other types of rafts. In addition to carrying less weight, catarafts are also easier to rig as a fishing vessel. Since they are so popular, many people look for them for sale. If you are looking for a cataraft, OutdoorPlay has the largest selection online.


Considering buying a whitewater cataraft, consider its design and size. While inflatable rafts are the traditional whitewater craft, plenty of other types of boats are available. Catarafts, also known as “Cat Boats,” have two tubes in the water and are usually smaller than a standard raft. A single rower must have excellent physical condition and control over the boat. They can take passengers or be used by people of varying levels of physical ability. A wide boat will provide stability in whitewater, while a narrow one will fit through tighter stretches. Design tips in buying whitewater catarafts include the cooler and dry box dimensions.

Catarafts are easier to handle than self-bailing boats and are better maneuverable. They carry less weight and fewer passengers, making them ideal for day trips or short expeditions. Also, they offer fun for the driver. A day trip can be a great way to experience the thrill of river rafting. If you are looking for a new raft, you can start researching on the internet or ask expert boaters.

Before you purchase a whitewater cataraft, consider your needs and preferences. What equipment do you plan to bring with you? How many people or dogs will you be bringing with you? Do you want to have kitchen supplies or keep food cool? What kind of seats and cooler will you need? All these factors will affect your choice of whitewater cataraft. Consider these factors when making your final purchase.


Whitewater catarafts are a fun way to experience the thrill of rafting without spending a fortune. These boats’ small size and light weight make them ideal for extended multi-day trips in high water. These boats are often described by two dimensions separated by an “X”: length in feet and width in inches. They also come in different sizes that will fit different people. The best one for your trip will be light enough to carry up to four people and provide plenty of stability for rowers.

The weight of a whitewater cataraft will affect the speed and maneuverability of the boat. When it comes to weight, a whitewater cataraft should be lightweight but strong enough to handle the roughest water. Some rafts feature bow rises or strong fabric for better performance on the whitewater. Some models have a maximum weight of 550 pounds and are perfect for day trips. However, be aware of the boat’s limitations and ensure you can carry all the gear you need for your trip.

Choose the size of your whitewater cataraft based on the number of people you’ll be carrying. Larger ones are better for multi-day trips, as they can hold more people and gear. Smaller ones, however, are more agile and fun to paddle, but they’re not as stable as larger rafts. If unsure, the best way to learn how to paddle a cataraft is to practice with oars.