Why has Brass Handles become so popular over time? There are several explanations as to this, but most people think of is its anti-bacterial properties. As a metal, brass is known for having anti-bacterial properties, being able to naturally repel and kill all forms of bacteria (including the deadly types we call the Staph bacteria, which can cause the dreaded staph infection). This makes brass a logical choice to prevent the entry of harmful bacteria into our homes, especially since most people already have doors and windows covered with plastic or, indeed, even wood. Now then, let’s look at the reasons why brass door handles may not only be effective at fighting against bacteria but may also be able to prevent the entry of unwanted parasites as well.

The anti-bacterial property of brass door handles is the first thing we’ll look at. It’s a self-confirming property: if the brass has been treated using an oil-based coating, it will not harm bacteria no matter what. However, it should be noted that Copper and Brass are also anti-bacterial effects only applies if these metals have been raw during the manufacturing process. So then, how do we make sure that our brass door handles are anti-bacterial in their truest form? The answer is simple: by using bronze door handles.

Bronze door handles are generally very smooth in their texture and very gentle on the skin. They are also very low-maintenance, which makes them a favourite among busy people who don’t want to have to worry about any corrosion or rust coming about on their Brass Handles, which can be unsightly and unpleasant to look at, both for the room where they are used and for the owners of the house. While you can buy specially made brass door handles for this purpose, you might prefer to save some money and settle for a brass handle instead. There is just one problem with this: if you want to sell your house, or if you want to give it to someone else, you will need to maintain the bronze door handles, and you will need to make sure that they are kept clean at all times.

Cleaning your bronze door handles every so often should not pose any problems, provided you have the right tools. You will need a soft cloth, such as a kitchen handkerchief, a q-tip or a towel, polish, and some mild detergent. You should aim to wash the Brass Handles gently using the cloth to avoid scratching them. Polish the surface of the door with the cleaner. You should make sure that the polish is not too harsh, as that might damage the paint on the door itself.

After ensuring that your bronze door handles remain clean, dry them with the towel and put them away. Before putting them back, you should wax the surfaces exposed to dust using automotive wax. This is especially important when the door hardware is brass, as you do not want to have rust forming on the hardware after you have cleaned them.

You might be concerned that cleaning your bronze door handles with soap and water might harm the finish, but this is not a problem. You should note that rust is formed on copper, so washing the handles with water is also fine. It is important to remember that copper can also be protected by applying a layer of oil available from hardware stores. When you do so, be careful to choose an oil specifically designed for copper, as there are different types of oils out there, and some can be harmful to bronze. Check here.